Using sustainable and modern methods of business and construction, our model provides you as an investor, a fully hands-off property investment service.

The property industry provides returns that far exceed the return from alternative investment options, ensuring you have better returns over the long term. 


ProVest specializes in the acquisition and development of residential and commercial property. Our sole aim is to improve the community standard of living in in the towns and cities we operate across the UK. By using eco-friendly and sustainable methods and procurement, we are able to provide much higher, long term returns for you as an investor with your capital at a lower risk.


Whether you're looking to make a difference locally, get better returns on your hard earned money, or utilize the services of our hands-off investment service, we are the right partner for you.


Our core values are to provide transparency, integrity, and versatility in the worlds strongest asset class, property. If you want a better return than other investment strategies, speak to us today. 


Our wider mission is to provide the modern world with sustainable and eco-friendly communities, underpinned by sound investments, protecting our planet for generations to come. 




We source property through a range of methods to ensure every property is purchased at a great price, these include; 


  • Estate agents

  • Auctions

  • Word of mouth introductions

  • Direct marketing campaigns 

  • Digital marketing

Property is the investment choice for long term security across the globe, with many new and existing investors considering their next property purchase here in the UK.

Whether you are looking for your first investment property or are an existing landlord with little time, ProVest Holdings can support your investing goals, obtaining the returns you are looking for. 

We understand that each of our clients has very different needs and therefore, it is vital for us to gain an understanding of this prior to working together. 


Compliance and security are high on our agenda, to ensure you are well protected every step of the way. 





From collecting the keys, right through to handing them back to you, we look after the whole refurbishment process on your behalf. Whether it's liaising with councils, trades or third-party professionals, we look after everything so you don't have to.


Our refurbishment and project management services include, but aren't restricted to:  


  • Internal reconfigurations

  • Loft conversions

  • Extensions

  • New build dwellings

  • Re-wiring and plumbing

  • Internal and external decorations

  • Kitchen & Bathroom supply & fit

  • Furniture procurement

  • Interior Design

  • Planning Consultation

  • Party wall matters

  • Professional marketing material

  • And much more...

We provide support and expertise in all areas, putting in the time and resource required to deliver your end result. This means that you can be hands off all the while your project comes to life. 




If you are looking for a long term investing strategy, our portfolio building service can provide you with hands-off investment over a sustained period of time.


Our model here is very simple. We work closely with you to find exceptional deals over a set period of time, that meet your needs and deliver a great, lower-risk return. ​


Our 5-Step, 'START' model is a hands-off portfolio builder, designed to provide you with everything you need to create the security in property you are looking for. The 5 steps are:


  1. Strategy - Outline your individual investment plan 

  2. Target and secure - Appropriate and discounted properties

  3. Acquisition - Support on the purchase process

  4. Refurbish - Project Manage the entire build and refurbishment of the property 

  5. Tenant - Market and let the property on your behalf for long term income

For more information on our Portfolio Builder service, why not arrange a free 30-minute discovery call with us HERE.




If you're currently a landlord looking to fix your rental income for the long term, be paid on time each and every month and be removed from the stress and headache of letting out a property, then look no further.

With ProVest's Guaranteed Rent Scheme we provide you with:

1. A guaranteed annual rental income on time, every month

2. Rent payments, even when the property is empty

3. Rent payments on time, even when the rent is late or not paid at all 

4. No setup fees

5. No monthly commissions or

6. No hidden extras

7. Tenant's query handling service, so all questions and complaints are resolved on your behalf

8. A contract start date, guaranteed

9. Property inspections on a regular basis and maintenance management each month

10. We will refurbish the property as required in order to achieve the best quality of tenant. This is at our own cost. We will also be guaranteed handing the property back to you in (at minimum) the condition we took it over in.

It's that simple.​​

How does it work?
We become your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed rental income every month, for a 2 - 5 year period initially. With your permission, we rent the property as a Co-Living House, using our robust selection process to find high-quality tenants.  We manage the property throughout the full duration of our contract with you - leaving you to get on with your busy life, and us to take care of the rest.




We offer full investment property sourcing and project management in:

  • East Midlands

    • Nottingham​

    • Derby

    • Mansfield/Sutton in Ashfield

  • Greater London

    • Croydon​

    • Purley

    • Thornton Heath

    • Redhill