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13 Kitchen Design Tips from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Sarah Beeney, Kelly Hoppen and Charlie Luxton


Here are some pro tips for your kitchen design from the biggest names in interior design. What you should focus your budget on for the most impressive results. These advice comes from the experts – those who have been there and done that. Let’s bring you the best advice from the biggest names in interior design. 



What they all agree on:


The kitchen is the hub., it should be designed as a living space, not just for cooking. Although all designers approach kitchen design in their own unique way, one unanimous point that is agreed on is that the kitchen is the hub of the home and needs to be designed as a family living space, not just as a space for cooking.



Plan, plan and plan some more


The other piece of advice that they all,  preach? Take your time over the design – do not rush into the first design you see. Spend lots of time planning and be realistic about how the space is going to be used.



Identify what is wrong with your existing set up with these questions:


Before you even begin to take any advice, take a look at your existing kitchen and pinpoint what is wrong with your set up as it stands. This will help you  determine what you need to do differently and highlight “must haves” in your new design.


Do you currently have enough work space?
On the flip side, do you have too much work space that is collecting clutter and could be put to better use?
Do you have enough cupboard space?
Are your existing cupboards easily reached?
Are the top shelves in your cupboards full of stuff you don’t use?
Does the proximity between appliances (hob to sink to fridge) currently work?
Does your kitchen have good natural lighting?
Do your existing doors and windows allow sufficient light in?
Armed with a rough idea of what you don’t want puts you in is a good place to decide what you do want. Now it’s time to step the design process up a notch by hearing what some of the celebrity interior design experts have to offer when it comes to redesigning a kitchen.
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s Advice:
“The kitchen has become the principal room in the house, where families gather and parties are held. So treat it as you would your living room or bedroom and put as much love into it as the rest of the house.”


1. Treat your kitchen like a second living room. Add in homely twists such as chandeliers, table lamps and paintings. Cut down on all wall units (if you can) to reduce free up space on the walls and use soft lighting for a warm feel.
2. Add color to your scheme. Use mouth-watering shades such as aubergine or spicy red to get your taste buds tingling. If you are nervous about color, keep cabinets neutral and paint the walls.
3. Use wallpaper. Create a feature wall with wallpaper. If your kitchen is small, use the wallpaper as a splash back, protected by glass or around pillars.
4. Consider the acoustics. Use thickly lined curtains, to combat against echoing, which is the last thing you want when sitting down to a family meal or dinner party. Add rugs and cushions for added comfort. Include comfortable seating. Kitchen seating doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable stools, bring in a sofa to create a sociable vibe.
Sarah Beeny’s Advice:
“A solid, well-fitted kitchen is one of the first things a buyer looks for, and the idea is to fit one that can withstand fashion trends. An updated, modern kitchen can add up to 10% to the value of a home – it’s a worthy investment.”
1. If you are working to a tight budget, start with a small changes such as replacing handles, door units and the worktop.
2. For an effective, simple, low cost refresh replace the wall tiles.
Kelly Hoppen’s Advice:
“My new kitchen is beautiful-it’s a lacquered one in a mocha color. I have shelves which I designed myself, and have all my plates out so you don’t have to keep going into the cupboards. There’s a lot of nickel, very cool appliances and one big centerpiece that people always gather around. It’s actually hard to get people out of my kitchen which I think is a good thing. The heart of the home is the kitchen – it’s where people tend to meet and cook and entertain, more so now than in any other room.”
1. Start with a mood board of everything you like (Pinterest is useful for this).
2. Consider how you want to live in the space – what tasks and everyday living will you be doing?
3. Go for inexpensive units and spend your money on good worktops, good       appliances and good lighting.
4. If you want to stick to a lower budget go for neutral cabinets and add color with fruit, vegetables, pictures, blinds and flooring.
5. Make the most of your window space.

Charlie Luxton’s Advice:


“Simplify, simplify, simplify – and not just for aesthetic reasons. It is nearly always true that the simpler the plan, the better the building. Too many plans end up getting complicated and embellished because the basic concept just doesn’t work.”
Make sure you get your plan to work with the furniture right from the start. “I have been guilty of knowing a room doesn’t quite work and thinking we can work it out later and quite often can’t.”
1. Incorporate circulation space into your design to let the room breathe and not be over cluttered.
2. Keep simplifying your plan rather than embellishing it.

For more top tips from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Sarah Beeney, Kelly Hoppen and Charlie Luxton, check out their websites and twitter accounts below:


Liewelyn-Bowen : http://www.llb.co.uk                                                          twitter: @LlewelynBowen

Sarah Beeney: https://www.sarahbeeny.com                                                 twitter: @sarahbeeny

Kelly Hoppen: https://www.kellyhoppen.com                                                twitter: @kellyhoppen

Charlie Luxton: https://charlieluxtondesign.com                                           twitter: @CharlieLuxton








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