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November 27, 2018

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Nine of the most beautiful Victorian buildings in Nottingham

November 19, 2017

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Disruptive Enterpreneur: Rob Moore - Co founder of Progressive Property

July 16, 2018


Rob Moore, best-selling Property Author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and multi-million-pound Property Investor.


What motivates him and what advice he would give to someone just starting out? What does he currently do?


Day to day he is mostly a caddy for his 8 year old son who played in the two world championships last year in America. At the moment he just do what his wife tells him to do. Thanks for the great MD and a team that can run his property and training businesses - www.progressiveproperty.co.uk without him getting in the way. 


He also host his podcast "Disruptive Enterpreneur" that has subscribers in 174 countries and usually the top UK business podcast. He ocassionally crash Ferraris and try to stay out of trouble/act his age of 39 years.



He was a struggling artist almost £50k in consumer debt. He admitted that he loved the freedom but hated the lack of money. His Dad had told him for years to get into property, and so did the gallery owner who ocassionally sold (not enough) of his paintings. 


So, he went to a small networking event in Petersborough and met a very grumpy man who ended up becoming his business partner and fronting the money for their joint property portfolio of 100's of properties.


Once they got known for buying property, people kept on asking how they did it. As he was sick of hearing himself saying the same thing over and over he wrote a book, only expecting it to sell to a handful of curious people. It all grew from there and become an 8 figure training business as people wanted to learn how he did it. He said that what defines the way he do business is Progressive. Innovative. Personal. Disruptive. 



He said that he admired people who gets out of their own way, addresses their fears and doubts, and takes a risk to create the life they want, regardless of what the critics would say. "Anyone who serves, solves and scales to help others while running their own disruptive enterprise and Arnold Schwarzenegger." 


He was once asked if is there anything he would have done differently, he confidently said that he would have started earlier. He was given a few chances before the penny finally dropped. "I'd have been dangerous if I'd have started in my teens rather than my twenties." While he worked hard in the early years, he is often worked so hard then get burned out, made mistakes, or tried to do things he wasn't good at for the sake of saving a few quid. 


"So I'd hire quicker, outsource early and leverage more, if I started over. And I'd learn to keep my mouth shut when my opinion wasn't asked for". Though he did wind up getting world records for running his mouth off.       










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