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November 27, 2018

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November 19, 2017

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30 Tell-tale signs it's time to move home

October 1, 2018


Have you got itchy feet? For any homeowners considering upping sticks, a new poll has ranked the top tell-tale signs you need to move home.


A study of 2,000 homeowners, commissioned by Keepmoat Homes, has revealed the average homeowner begins to get "itchy feet" in their home after nine years of living there.


But interestingly, more than one in 10 admit they start to think about moving after just three years. The average homeowner, however, puts the "For Sale" sign up after six years, with the biggest reason being the need for more room.





Here are the top 30 tell-tale signs you have itchy feet:


1. Your home starts to feel too big or small

2. You browse home-moving websites like Zoopla or Rightmove

3. There are DIY jobs you can't be bothered to crack on with

4. You start to hate the neighbors

5. You notice other people's homes more frequently

6. You don't have enough storage space

7. You start to yearn for a shorter commute

8. You spend ages complaining about your house

9. You start honing in on all the things which are "wrong with the house"

10. You have the money to move

11. You feel your home is now too old-fashioned

12. You've forgotten everything you once loved about it

13. You imagine how you'd decorate a new house

14. You've stopped tidying and cleaning as much as you should

15. You bring up houses, decorating and house-hunting in conversation more than you used to 

16. You want a new project to work on 

17. You start spending more time outside the house than in 

18. You begin to feel your kids are "too big" for the house

19. You feel you have "too many" children for your current home

20. You slow down every time you go past a "For Sale" sign

21. Your friends are all living in a different area

22. You stop keeping up with basic maintenance like replacing light bulbs 

23. You don't invite friends round any more 

24. You get annoyed by cars parking in "your" space

25. You let your garden fall into disrepair 

26. You've had planning permission refused and can't do things you want to do

27. You take a weirdly keen interest in other people who are buying new homes 

28. You start buying home interior magazines

29. You never go in your garden 

30. You find yourself "window shopping" at B&Q



"Buying a home is a life-changing purchase so when you first move it is usually to a property you have fallen in love with", said James Thomson. But after a few years, especially if your financial situation improves, many people start to think about moving up the property ladder. 


It isn't surprising to see that the need for more space is the top reason that people decide to move - in the past, people have even moved homes on the same development because they really love the area and the style of their home but, as their family has grown, they have wanted more space. 




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